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Make Your Brand Stand Out this Winter

Make Your Brand Stand Out this Winter

Hopefully we don't have to remind you how important your brand is - but in case you missed it or need a refresher, take a look at our BRANDING and LOGO DESIGN IN REGINA blog post.

Winter brings on a lot of new things like cold weather and holidays, which not only affect you but also your brand. Use this season to your advantage, by exposing your brand in new and creative ways.

Here is how to make your brand stand out this winter:

Winter Essentials

The cold can make some people feel a bit vulnerable and your brand can be there to help.

Have your brand stand out by putting it on winter essentials like lip balm, fleece blankets, and winter driving safety kits. Use these winter essentials to reinforce your brand's reliability and showcase a level of customer service ahead of your competitors.

Winter Wardrobe

As the temperatures begin to drop we will all be pulling out our winter wardrobe but just because we have to bundle up doesn't mean your brand does to.

Optimize the cold weather by having your brand stand out on some of the winter wardrobe essentials like toques, bunny hugs (so Canadian, eh?), mittens, jackets, and whatever else you'll need to keep warm this winter.

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Holiday Season

Tis the season for parties and gift giving - whether you're ready for it or not. Get creative with this year's corporate gifts and find those items that no one will be expecting but will always have a use for.

For the smaller ticket items consider travel mugs, USB sticks, portable chargers, and phone/tablet cases. For the larger ticket items consider laptop bags, mini speakers, and knife sets. All of these items will be used regularly and further expose your brand.

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Whatever you decide to do this winter, getting your brand out there in new and creative ways, will give it that exposed to take things to a new level in 2017!

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